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fizzer: This txt is not working properly...I will continue If you join PM4U Physical Mediumship For You THERE IS A FORUM / GROUP ON THERE called ''LINK UP''... where people often are looking for sitters or to starting a group in their area. Good luck with it allSu Feb 1, 2014 17:33:24 GMT
fizzer: Good cirlces are hard to find and I mean rea; physical circles NOT Trance in the dark ((:- We have two here it has taken a long time to get the right people and the harmony to allow spirit the blending that they need. I can only suggest that on PM4U if you Feb 1, 2014 17:29:28 GMT
fizzer: Hi there Feb 1, 2014 17:26:11 GMT
Admin: Just a quick thanks to you all for joining and using forum, I hope it grows and together we can promote the reality of etherical life Dec 9, 2013 18:54:26 GMT
Admin: Thanks Jiskabe, simple but effective I think, Dec 7, 2013 17:13:48 GMT
Jiskabe: I like your rules x Dec 7, 2013 17:08:25 GMT
Admin: Click relevant topic, then create thread. Dec 7, 2013 7:59:11 GMT
Admin: Fiona, where are you trying to put your article, please create a thread in the relevant topic....it should work fine. Dec 7, 2013 7:56:15 GMT
fiona: Sorry ---hey admin if you see this can you check this site please--I have tried twice to put a post in and just over halfway through the second line I am unable to type any more. Please check !! Dec 7, 2013 1:47:09 GMT
fiona: (I am continuing my post here as, when I tried to type past 'woke up' I couldn't,the type would not register. O.K so let me continue......I woke up a few times that night but just put it down to heat. But, at about 3 am the strangest thing happened- Dec 7, 2013 1:44:14 GMT
fiona: Hi,I would like to share my experience of seeing/touching a shadow person. This happened as a one off in the summer. It was on the 17th of July and the weather was hot and clammy,the night temperature was also hot and that night I was restless and woke up Dec 7, 2013 1:37:11 GMT
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